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Who are we

This network is an initiative from scientists working with novel Oxford Nanopore Sequencing applications. We are not driven by economic interests. We are eager to increase scientific impact and apply these enabling technologies in various scientific disciplines. We wish to contribute to these aims by promoting knowledge exchange and distribution of our achievements to a wider audience.

What do we offer

We wish to achieve our shared aims by four measures: exchange, collaboration, outreach and dissemination.


One of the main reasons establishing this network is the wish to provide a platform for easy knowledge exchange. People should not be afraid to seek out help even with assumed “simple problems”. We will soon host a forum that will allow low-barrier exchange about difficulties, procedures or computational analysis. It will also allow members to easily contact each other.


Easy knowledge exchange is one aim of the network. Promoting and fostering collaboration is the other. Applications based on Nanopore Technologies are role models for projects that essentiate interdisciplinary skills. Sample choice and preparation depend on the specific question, library preparation are core Molecular Biology tasks, and data analysis needs thorough bioinformatics. Only if all those parts are brought together, the user can profit from the huge potential of Oxford Nanopore applications.

It is obvious that not one single lab can excel on all those scientific branches. Our network aims at providing an overview of skilled scientists in your vicinity. By reaching out to experts, this network will spur collaborative efforts and promote your scientific impact.


A network is not only for inwards communication, but can also funnel and exponentiate your outreach to a wider audience. Through supportive sharing of the findings, the network will help you share your success story to more people and thus promote your societal impact.

Furthermore, we offer to display your job offers, which will help you to a more focused talent recruitment. We also display your publications which will help you build your profile within the network.


As stated above, we wish to promote knowledge exchange. This does not stop at internal communication. Instead we aim to implement regular conferences and workshops that empower other scientists to apply Oxford Nanopore Sequencing in their scientific disciplines. These events will strengthen the bonds with network members, but also help to share the value of our scientific achievements with stakeholders in the public and economic sector.

What can you do

Our network lives through activity. And we live through communication.

So please share your thoughts about the network with us and your peers.

Specifically you can promote the network with 3 actions:

Join the network

If you are not already, become a member! There are no formal entrance criteria. Just provide a short description of your person and maybe social network links to us and we will display you under “”. You will also be in the loop for further announcements.

Share your and our content.

We are present on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter! Find us there (links are at the very bottom of the page), follow us and share our content.

If you have a story to tell or content to share, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to post your blogs on our website, and share your content on social media!

We additionally wish to display Network members publications (from 2017 onwards) and possible open Job opportunities. Reach out to us to be displayed on our website!

Take part in the communication

We will soon have a forum for easy knowledge exchange and communication. Be active! Join the channels, help others out, and do not hesitate to ask your own questions. We are happy to help each other out and build this bottom-up network to success!